This vase and pitcher are a simple delig

The maker of a piece is the only one deserving of recognition.

I don't tag my work with the origins of the clay body, I tag it with the name of the artist!
If you’ve been made NEW you no longer identify solely with where you came from, the color of your skin or the baggage in your past, you identify now with the Maker.

The one who pulled you from the ground, who cut you from the block and wrought you into a new form. 
Our background, birthplace and bad decisions are still a part of who we are, adding texture and grit to our form but the material is no longer what the body is about.

No longer is it a type of clay but a vessel with a purpose!

Made, marked and being sent to do greater work!

The pottery process.

This visual putting words to what I knew was happening in my own life. Being taken from one version to another. A process of lasting change that was uncomfortable yet liberating and knowing I would never be the same after true surrender to the Maker.

Like clay surrendered to my hand is forever changed, given purpose and meaningful work to do, so are we when surrendered to God's hand.